Residential Locksmith Services

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Residential Locksmith Solutions

How safe do you feel when you go to sleep at night? A home cannot feel safe and secure when your locks and security are not as safe as they could be. We are concerned with the safety and security of your home and want you to be comfortable and secure. We provide a large range of residential locksmith solutions. Check out our blog on a safe home and some security tips to learn more about providing a secure environment for your home.

You should always feel safe and secure in your own home. When your sense of security is comprised, you can always rely on us to take care of your needs to help you feel safe again. We can repair, replace, install or even as simple as consult you with locks, safes, doors, gates and offer many more services to your home security needs.

Residential Services

  • 24/7 Emergency Lockout

    If you are locked out of your house, lost your keys to your home, need a replacement key at an odd hour, you can always count on the services of Swift Locksmith. Our technicians work around the clock and are available during the holidays.

  • Whole House Re-key

    Moved in to a new home and need to change your locks? Swift Locksmith services can offer you a variety of residential locks, standard locks and high security locks and rekey the entire house in just one visit.

  • Lock Repair & Maintenance

    We come to you for all of your repair and maintenance needs, including house, garage, and room locks. Our locksmith van is fully equipped with a key cutting machine and all the tools necessary to get the job done at your location.

  • Pick Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

    The safety and privacy of your home are important that's why we offer premium quality deadbolts for an added level of security. Whether you are looking to get new deadbolts installed or want to repair your existing ones, our skilled technicians can help you determine if you will need repairs or a replacement.

  • On-site Key Extraction

    It’s common to break a key into a lock or have a lock jam, especially when you’re in a rush and that's why our technicians are trained to quickly and carefully extract all broken pieces from a lock without damaging it.

  • Master Key Systems

    Our technicians are trained and experienced in master key systems installation and maintenance. Whether you need a master key to secure a room in your home or safes to be protected, Swift Locksmith has you covered.


Home Security Solutions

Security in the home is very important and preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a bad situation from ever happening. As a homeowner it is important to keep your family and valuables safe, but it requires the help of a professional. Swift Locksmiths can help you see areas that are often overlooked and perhaps allow an entrance for a clever burglar or thief. We also provide high-end security devices installed in your home if that is your goal.

Our reputation is for both quality work and customer satisfaction, and you can depend on that being the case, every time. Swift Locksmiths is composed of fully licensed locksmiths and security technicians who use the most advanced and high-quality locksmith products to provide businesses and corporations with top-notch security and unshakable peace of mind. Every team member at Swift Locksmiths is not only skilled but committed to the customer’s safety, security, and satisfaction.

We can provide a layered approach with cameras and magnetic cards if you have sensitive information at home that you must keep safe. We also can install gates on your property or service your existing security features. So please let us handle all of your residential locksmith and security needs. Do not wait too long to secure your assets and keep your loved ones safe. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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